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Should Xtra Effort revisit the recruiting needs for software developers?

Xtra Effort’s current service offering is recruiting Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services people. However, back in February 2001, Xtra Effort was created to help IT departments and software companies hire software developers. 

The rational for change was the 2002 recession’s adverse impact on software developer hiring activity, and the increase in offshore development limited our target market … Continue Reading

CIO 2010 investment priorities and their impact on careers

CIO Magazine April issue polled CIO’s for their 2010 investment priorities.

 Guess what is the leading initiative?  You guessed it, Cloud Computing, followed by mobile applications and infrastructure, server virtualization, and content/document management.

 Close runner ups are security, CRM, video conferencing, business intelligence, BPM, data management, and SOA.

 I was surprised not to see data storage, but suspect … Continue Reading