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Suggestions to help hiring mgr’s be more timely AND mitigate risk


Xtra Effort has noticed some employers are being adversely impacted by being too slow to evaluate candidates.  Their finalists join other employers.

Xtra Effort suggests employers define an objective for the timeline and processes necessary to evaluate, check references, and make an offer.

Employers have faced the challenge of increased customer demand (good news) with much leaner staffs … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort expansion; hiring new recruiter

Increased client hiring demand requires Xtra Effort to expand and hire a fifth team member.

We are looking for a professional:

1a) Whose last 2 – 4 years have been as a contingency based recruiter  in the IT segment, OR …

1b) have been a commission centric inside sales experience within the IT segment.

2) Candidates should have  2- 8 years experience … Continue Reading