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Xtra Effort announces “Can’t think of anyone who is looking”: $500 Gift Card

The market continues to improve.

Xtra Effort clients inform us of new client hiring requirements.  We ask you for referrals. The #1 most common response: “I can’t think of anyone who is looking”.  As the economy improves will hear this more often.

Truth: we prefer to not limit our search to people who are looking.

Xtra Effort’s objective: to demonstrate sufficient professionalism to … Continue Reading

Excellent insight into 2010 enterprise IT negotiation techniques

This article discusses lots of current day considerations that ENTERPRISES have when procuring technology, including open source, “all you can eat” licenses,  maintenance negotiations, virtualization, SaaS, etc.

You may find the buyer’s perspective to be of interest.

Computerworld article about enterprise perspective on technology … Continue Reading

Increased frequency in enterprise technology co. hiring

Xtra Effort has noticed a continued increase in hiring. What technologies are hot:

 Data management, data archiving, and data storage solutions, both consulting and product companies    Security/Authentication technology   Business Intelligence  Solutions for hospitals 


What roles are hot:  Field Sales, particularly for candidates with Recent, deep, and credible subject matter expertise within their niche, i.e., data storage; and within their industry focus, i.e., financial … Continue Reading

XE placement data: Location, Title, Salary, Tenure, Education

Xtra Effort is releasing data about its last 36 Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Service placements.   The information may add value to your own recruiting, hiring, and retention procedures.   The format is a spreadsheet, making it easier to sort.        Included:       Title  Location  Salary  College/University (under gradudate)  Date candidate graduated … Continue Reading