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What I learned from Michael Skok at the The 2012 Future of Cloud Computing;

Michael Skok is a general partner at Northbridge Ventures. He spoke at the 2012 Future of Cloud Computing conference and provided us with survey results. I retained four key messages:

1) Mobility is the biggest driver of cloud computing

2) 84% of new software development is creating SaaS applications

3) 75% of applications will be built in the cloud and … Continue Reading

Computerworld Article: “Start-up IT companies are worth the risk”

Startup IT vendors are worth the risk

IT leaders must acknowledge and manage the risks of working with startup tech vendors — and set reasonable expectations. By Johanna Ambrosio October 22, 2012 06:00 AM ET Add a comment

Computerworld – Information technology professionals say companies can gain a competitive advantage by buying products and services from startup tech vendors, but … Continue Reading