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current Xtra Effort client hiring data: enterprise technology sales, sales engineering, and implementation roles; Xtra Effort is hiring a recruiter

Xtra Effort assumes many of you are immersed in reaching your personal sales objectives or implementing sold solutions. Others may be three quarters heads-down and one quarter looking what is on the 2013 horizon.

Regardless of your current circumstance, you may find this LINK to be informative. It is a spreadsheet with Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements, including:

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Xtra Effort’s recent enterprise software client hiring requirement data: locations, compensation, technology, etc.

This link provides access to Xtra Effort’s client hiring requirements for the past five months. It includes roles, compensation, locations, quotas, travel requirements, deal size, and technology/service offerings. You may find it to be helpful for your 2013 planning.

The report verifies that Big Data is hot. Some of our clients truly qualify as Big Data companies, but … Continue Reading

Chuck Saulino issued Xtra Effort $500.00 electronic gift certificate

Xtra Effort’s client required an experienced executive client account manager with a background in risk management, property and casualty insurance, business process, and client management/growth.

Chuck Saulino was thoughtful enough to recommend the perfect candidate.

Our client hired Chuck’s recommendation, and this morning he was issued a $500 electronic gift certificate from Xtra Effort. Just in time … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort Solutions issues Joey Moawad a $500 Electronic Gift Card for referring a Technical Consultant

Today, Xtra Effort Solutions issues Joey Moawad a $500 Electronic Gift Card for referring a Technical Consultant.

Xtra Effort’s client provides enterprise field service management and mobile communications software. They required a consultant (“permanent”, full time, salaried hire) with hands on .net skills and customer-facing experience to define client requirements, configure, implement, training, manage expectations, etc.

Joey came through … Continue Reading