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Paresh Nana receives $500 Gift Certificate as part of Xtra Effort Candidate Referral Program

Xtra Effort has known Paresh for several years and we have found his assessment of talent to be laser sharp.

He recommended a customer facing Solution Architect.  This candidate had the unique mix of enterprise security and enterprise search. 

Xtra Effort’s client needed a Presales candidate with:

1) Strong analytical skills2) Hands-on technical acumen, including Java, databases, and Linux … Continue Reading

CSO Magazine article about five fixes to enterprise security heavily supports Xtra Effort client value proposition

I am no security expert, but this article makes a lot of sense, particularly about enterprises needing to improve security incident response (“Fix #3”) and shifting to data-based decision making (“fix #5”). 

It also seems to align with Xtra Effort’s new client, a VC backed enterprise security technology company dedicated to real time attack prevention.  They … Continue Reading