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Planning for 2017 compensation for your Enterprise Sales, SE’s, & Services? Xtra Effort 2016 client hiring data may help you

Employers may benefit from seeing what their peer technology companies are offering for salaries and On Target Earnings for their Sales, Sales Engineering, and Service positions across the USA. This no charge list is a simple compilation of Xtra Effort’s client hiring requirements during the last twelve months.  It includes each position’s: Location Originally Budgeted Salary On Target Earnings Title Technology Solution The list … Continue Reading

exciting Lowcode market validation

Did you see this market validating news for the Lowcode market? It is quite exciting, particularly knowing that Xtra Effort clients within the segment are not limited to PaaS’s within AWS vs. Google vs. Azure, … Continue Reading

Planning and timeline considerations for recruiting Q1 2017 hires

You have approximately 55+ work days (net of Thanksgiving and December holidays) to identify, evaluate, persuade, reference check, negotiate, and administratively process incoming recruits. You also need to allow for the candidate’s provision of a two week notice with their current employer.


Depending on your process, each recruit may require the following steps along the itemized time horizon. 


Work Day … Continue Reading

Snapshot view: Technology Sales and PS, Retention

Below is direct feedback from Sales and PS employees about why they left or chose to remain with their employers.  We also include a few comments from hiring managers.


The topic is obviously important because Sales and PS employee retention has a direct impact on revenue and customer satisfaction.  The information may be insightful.


We inquired with … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort announces new Inside Sales Recruiting Practice

Several Boston area Xtra Effort high growth enterprise SaaS clients hiring Inside Sales personnel:

Business Development roles, including inbound lead qualification and/or outbound demand generation Full Sales Cycle, including closing deals


Inside Sales Client Profiles:

Led by executives with histories of taking other companies through favorable growth Funded by premium VC companies Develop and Sell proven and high value enterprise SaaS … Continue Reading