Enterprise technology: interview – and actually HIRE – an ‘A’ player candidate (Sales, SE, CSM, or PS)

You invest in recruiters, advertising, Linkedin, Indeed, and a talent acquisition team.You discover the elusive and sought after ‘A’ player, capture her interest, but then lose her to your competitor.  What happened?  Perhaps a hiring manager’s charisma and his initial rapport with your candidate is not enough in today’s market?Instead, treat the Interview process likes … Continue Reading

12 months of compensation data among Small > Medium sized, high growth technology companies’ Sales, Sales Engineering, and PS/CSM personnel

Xtra Effort thought you may benefit from learning the compensation of recent Sales, CSM, PS, and Sales Engineering hires across Xtra Effort’s high growth technology product and service firms. The data may help you validate your own expectations for compensation. It is comprised of Xtra Effort’s last 40 client hires and includes candidate region, title, and tenure; and the nature of each client’s technology/service offering. CLICK HERE TO … Continue Reading

thank you for introducing Xtra Effort to a candidate experienced hunting new accounts while selling solutions to c-suite and HR executives

Cheryl, thank you for introducing Xtra Effort to a top notch candidate with the exact skills required by Xtra Effort’s client: experience hunting new accounts while selling solutions to c-suite and HR executives. Hope you enjoy this Xtra Effort Candidate Referral $500 Amazon Gift Card!

Here is a list of other Xtra Effort client Sales, Sales … Continue Reading

$500 Amazon.com gift card to Tony Forcucci, referred an ‘A’ player from the enterprise manufacturing software sector

Xtra Effort’s client required an enterprise software sales professional who really understands the people, nomenclature, workflow, and trends within the manufacturing sector.

Tony Forcucci referred the perfect candidate, and received a $500 Amazon.com gift card. Thank you Tony!

NOTE: our continuously informing the Xtra Effort ecosystem of such an occurrence seems trite and redundant, but it’s our … Continue Reading

$500 Xtra Effort Amazon.com Candidate Referral Gift Certificate to Vin Curran

Xtra Effort expresses its gratitude to Vin Curran for continuously supporting us with several introductions to quality sales candidates with strong work ethic, integrity, and communication skills … much like himself.

One of Vin’s recent referrals had these attributes, and financial services domain expertise, a terrific fit for Xtra Effort’s client.

Thank you Vin. Enjoy the gift … Continue Reading