2014 YTD Compensation and Turnover Explanation Data For Enterprise Software Co. Hiring Managers

Hiring managers may find this LINK to be helpful when deciding on compensation for their hiring requirements.

The spreadsheet provides detail behind a large sampling of Xtra Effort’s 2014 client hiring requirements; including Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Service career positions across small to medium sized, high growth enterprise technology centric companies.

The document includes … Continue Reading

Paresh Nana receives $500 Amazon.com Gift Certificate as part of Xtra Effort Candidate Referral Program

Xtra Effort has known Paresh for several years and we have found his assessment of talent to be laser sharp.

He recommended a customer facing Solution Architect.  This candidate had the unique mix of enterprise security and enterprise search. 

Xtra Effort’s client needed a Presales candidate with:

1) Strong analytical skills2) Hands-on technical acumen, including Java, databases, and Linux … Continue Reading

CSO Magazine article about five fixes to enterprise security heavily supports Xtra Effort client value proposition

I am no security expert, but this article makes a lot of sense, particularly about enterprises needing to improve security incident response (“Fix #3”) and shifting to data-based decision making (“fix #5”). 

It also seems to align with Xtra Effort’s new client, a VC backed enterprise security technology company dedicated to real time attack prevention.  They … Continue Reading

Scott Van Slyck receives $500 Amazon.com Xtra Effort Gift Card for referring key sales executive

Xtra Effort’s client is a leader in Business Process Outsourcing within the niche of Property and Casualty Insurance administrative cycles, from policy and claims to analytics.

They needed a sales/solution specialist who could immediately understand client needs and add value.

This type of niche find would be difficult without assistance from somebody within the industry.

Scott Van Slyck introduced the perfect candidate … Continue Reading

Anyone capable of creating charts of this March’s Xtra Effort Enterprise Technology Client Sales, Sales Engineering, and PS Hiring Requirements?

Xtra Effort March Enterprise Technology Client Sales_Sales Engineering_and PS Hiring Requirements provides safe access to an Excel spreadsheet that summarizes Xtra Effort’s current enterprise technology client Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services Recruiting requirements – nationally.

It includes 47 job requirements across 29 unique clients.

The Columns: -Category of need, i.e., Sales versus Sales Engineering versus … Continue Reading

A quick update on hiring activity among high growth enterprise technology companies for the first six weeks of 2014

A quick update on hiring activity among high growth enterprise technology companies for the first six weeks of 2014. 


More hiring activity now than the end of Q4 2013

Candidates are being contacted more frequently, and by more recruiters and hiring managers …

… but yet there are more candidates recently released from their companies … Continue Reading

Michael deSousa receives Xtra Effort $500 Amazon.com candidate referral gift certificate

Xtra Effort’s client is an established and successful provider of data center and network infrastructure solutions, including software, services, and hardware.

They needed to hire a New Jersey based sales person with a proven history of prospecting and developing new clients within the local IT infrastructure segment.

Michael deSousa referred Xtra Effort to his acquaintance who has proven to be … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort January 2014 client hiring requirement (Sales, PS, & SE’s) detail: compensation, location, travel, & solution offering

The following link illustrates Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements.

As a frame of reference, Xtra Effort clients are high growth, small to medium sized, enterprise technology centric companies that engage us on a contingency basis to hire personnel throughout the USA. Roles include Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services.

 This spreadsheet includes each role’s:




Job titles

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