Are athletes the best candidates and employees?

This Forbes Magazine about the favorable attributes of athletes as candidates was shared by a fellow cyclist/runner.

We can’t deny an athlete’s desirable characteristics, including being goal oriented, tenacious, and team oriented.

However, I would suspect there many other professionals with similar descriptions who make excellent candidates.    The head of a university’s student council may also demonstrate  goal … Continue Reading

Thank you Greg Powers for referring a sales leader ace with Property & Casualty technology industry experience; the perfect season for the Xtra Effort $500 gift card

Rosemarie Amodeo of Xtra Effort has known Greg for a long time.  There is a lot of trust. Greg knows that Rosemarie is representing a quality Xtra Effort client when she asks for a candidate referral, and Rosemarie knows that Greg’s recommendation is gold. The outcome was Xtra Effort helping a P&C business process outsource … Continue Reading

Year-to-date Xtra Effort client hiring requirement detail for enterprise Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Service roles

Below is a link with access to year-to-date Xtra Effort client hiring requirement detail for enterprise Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Service roles.

 The link includes details on each client hiring requirement’s:  

Location Job titles Travel requirements Technology/service offerings Compensation

 The data may help you with your own planning, or at least provide a comparison.

 {As a frame of reference, Xtra Effort clients are high growth, small to … Continue Reading


For Massachusetts residents: You may have heard about this at your work or on NPR. I am usually apolitical and a fan of supporting state infrastructure projects, but this tax could be bad for us.

So I just signed the petition “Repeal Massachusetts Computer and Software Services Tax” on

Here’s the … Continue Reading

This guy got it right; One of my all time favorite WSJ articles

WHAT’S YOUR WORKOUT May 6, 2013, 6:58 p.m. ET

Dale Katechis of Oskar Blues


When Dale Katechis is on a three-hour bike ride he has one thing on his mind: a cold beer. Beer and mountain biking may seem like an unlikely pairing. But for Mr. Katechis, the founder of Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colo., … Continue Reading

Good enterprise Sales, Sales Engineering, and PS candidate are going fast

Xtra Effort has noticed candidates are receiving multiple offers and often in a timely fashion. Specifically, two Xtra Effort clients recently lost later stage candidates because the candidates received more timely evaluation processes with other attractive employers (not Xtra Effort clients).

We would suggest we all be aware of this trend.

Timely employer to candidate feedback and an … Continue Reading

Has Computerworld “Jumped the Shark”?

Below is Computerworld‘s topics for the week.  Wow, things have changed. It used to be all about data storage, ERP, Client Server” (I know, way back), SOA, Oracle databases, SAP, Web Services, etc… Who would have thought the focus would be comparisons of phones with a little focus on challenges with the Windows OS? Does … Continue Reading

Ken Michalak receives $500 Xtra Effort referral fee

Xtra Effort’s client is provides marketing database building, cleansing, and other services to help businesses improve their marketing effectiveness and ROI.

They asked Xtra Effort to help them identify and hire an accomplished upper Midwest sales executive with deep success selling marketing solution solutions to business-to-consumer companies.

Ken Michalak obviously knew exactly what we were trying to articulate … Continue Reading