What I learned from Michael Skok at the The 2012 Future of Cloud Computing;

Michael Skok is a general partner at Northbridge Ventures. He spoke at the 2012 Future of Cloud Computing conference and provided us with survey results. I retained four key messages:

1) Mobility is the biggest driver of cloud computing

2) 84% of new software development is creating SaaS applications

3) 75% of applications will be built in the cloud and … Continue Reading

Computerworld Article: “Start-up IT companies are worth the risk”

Startup IT vendors are worth the risk

IT leaders must acknowledge and manage the risks of working with startup tech vendors — and set reasonable expectations. By Johanna Ambrosio October 22, 2012 06:00 AM ET Add a comment

Computerworld – Information technology professionals say companies can gain a competitive advantage by buying products and services from startup tech vendors, but … Continue Reading

CIO Magazine, 9/15: how & why enterprises evaluate start ups versus established vendors




This 9/15 CIO Magazine Article. provides information as to how enterprises view start-up technologies versus solutions from established vendors. It should help you better position your sales and delivery of solutions, regardless of whether you represent a market “guerrilla” or a start-up.

Separately, this link provides access to Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements, including information related to role, compensation, … Continue Reading

Wall Street Journal, 8/23: Start-Ups Emerge as Tech Vendors of Choice

This seems to be great news for our industry.


Businesses are getting more comfortable buying technology from start-ups and other small outfits, a shift that could usher in a period of slower growth for tech giants such as Hewlett-Packard Co.  HPQ -0.37% and Oracle Corp. DELL -0.27%

Businesses are increasingly turning to start-ups and … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort interviewed Brian Geery, Managing Director of Technology Sales Consultants and author of the forthcoming book, “How to Demonstrate Software so People Buy It”

Xtra Effort interviewed Brian Geery, Managing Director of Technology Sales Consultants and author of the forthcoming book, “How to Demonstrate Software so People Buy It“.

 Xtra Effort’s intention is to provide additional value to our clients: high growth, enterprise technology company CEO’s, VP of Sales, Sales Engineering, Professional Services executives.

 Click here to see and hear the … Continue Reading

Suggestions for employers to improve recruiting and interview outcomes. White paper.

Xtra Effort has created a white paper with a suggested process for enterprise technology companies to improve sales and professional service personnel recruiting and interview outcomes.

Specifically, the outcomes include:

1) Improved internal consensus on what the most suitable candidate looks like

2) Increased volume of suitable candidates

3) More timely and objective review of candidate resumes, and who should … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort’s latest attempt to better understand “Big Data”

Xtra Effort recently had an internal meeting to try to make additional sense of Big Data.

We asked and answered the below questions.   See this LINK for the answers.  This exercise and related LINK was intended for the average person who keeps hearing Big Data, not the proud propeller head or Gartner analyst, so don’t hold … Continue Reading