Considerations for careers and recruiting in enterprise “Mobile Computing”

Candidates interested in enterprise “mobile computing” careers should focus on the true subject matter experience most sought after among enterprise mobile computing technology vendors.  The required experience may not actually be “mobile computing”.

“Mobile computing” with quotes is a facetious way to infer that this discipline should not always be considered such a distinct category of skills … Continue Reading

A perspective on enterprise security careers in Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services

As a professional involved in enterprise information security, your value to an employer is diminished if your focus is limited to security technology alone. You also need to build up your ability to integrate security into enterprise solutions, and have awareness of industry specific regulations.

Relative to security technology itself, enterprises seem to distinguish candidates … Continue Reading

Voilà, you are now a “Big Data” guru!

I don’t know about you, but I have been so immersed in helping clients, that I have been ignoring yet another trend and popular term that do not seem to be going away.

I can no longer continue to acknowledge having an awareness of  the term with no real clue what it is all about.

“Big Data” seems to … Continue Reading

Two decades of selling & implementing enterprise content. What has changed, and what remains the same?

Two decades of selling & implementing enterprise content.  What has changed, and what remains the same?

From an enterprise technology recruiter’s perspective,  Xtra Effort has seen LOTS of change.

We originally helped enterprise technology companies in the content market segment hire Sales Engineers, Account Executives, and Professional Services personnel with capabilities related to document management, workflow, and … Continue Reading

Business Intelligence enterprise software and its impact on the Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Service careers

Candidates with Business Intelligence backgrounds may benefit from being aware of related technology trends where their skills may be better appreciated.

How can the term Business Intelligence be viewed? Many different technologies and projects can be tightly or loosely related to the “BI” ecosystem. 

Data needs to be extracted, housed, manipulated, interpreted, and shared.   Depending on the … Continue Reading

Hiring Sales demand continues to soar among enterprise technology companies

You may recall reading a previous blog post related to why and how enterprise technology companies are hiring more inside sale people.

This trend only seems to deepen, particularly with infrastructure technologies.  Current day examples include:

1) Database technology

2) Security technology

3) Privilege management technology

Field Sales exceptions include consulting services sales positions, such as solutions for the utility … Continue Reading

The modern day enterprise software sales career


 Years ago, enterprise sales jobs often started in one of three ways (with plenty of exceptions)

 1) A college graduate with a business degree would join a large information technology company such as Computer Associates, IBM, Burroughs, or NCR. Many of these companies and Software sales jobs started in Massachusetts, … Continue Reading