The tide has changed. Considerations for hiring in 2011


It seems like only months ago when employers lacked the ability to commit to open head count. Candidates were tortured with employer indecision, cancelled requirements, and prolonged evaluation processes.

As recruiters, we coached candidates to not emotionally commit to one employer until they successfully completed their first day of employment. We walked on egg shells, dreading … Continue Reading

Why every Technology Sales & PS exec. MUST read industry publications

You should NOT read industry publications if you want:

1) To be generic, unimaginitive, and non-recognizable when calling new clients

2) To not establish credibility when tying in your potential value to your prospect’s needs

3) To be clueless about how your solutions fall into the broader landscape of technology initiatives with your enterprise accounts

On the otherhand, you … Continue Reading

Video meets the enterprise, big time. Opportunity knocks.

“Virtually all employees, customers and partners view videos via their mobile devices or desktops on a daily basis.

Enterprises are rushing to create and distribute content via streaming and rich media do not have the capacity to do so. Companies are aggressively ushering along transformational change, but don’t have the network capacity to execute, never mind … Continue Reading

What is a good bribe for a referral? Is an iPad old news?

Who would ever think you need a marketing department to give away merchandise?

 Xtra Effort could not reach 100 Facebook fans to give away an Ipad. We ran out of steam at about 50.

  It seems like everyone is trying to give away iPads.  

 So Xtra Effort is raising the stakes! At least in terms of imagination.


 Here is … Continue Reading

Is Xtra Effort perpetuating age discrimination?

Below you will see a reader’s response to Xtra Effort’s recent email about 2010 hiring trends among enterprise technology companies.

What are your thoughts?



Randy, thank you for the note. This is a consistently observed theme among new venture backed or earlier stage technology companies, with many exceptions.   Over 60% of Xtra Effort’s 20,000+ candidate pool has … Continue Reading

Virtualization, including the Desktop, top 2011 CIO priority

CIO’s #1 investment priority for 2011 is virtualization. It is not matter if they invest in virtualization, it is HOW.

Xtra Effort’s client is the only company that enables enterprises to have Desktop virtualization without the cost and confusion of setting up a virtualized infrastructure. Their mgt. team has experience building a company from $1m to … Continue Reading

High Tech Sales, SE, and PS jobs market is firing on all cylinders

Xtra Effort has been experiencing a BIG uptick in hiring demand among its small and medium sized enterprise information technology clients. Roles include Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services.

While we are obviously excited about this trend, clients are still demanding an exact set of skills and attributes for their particular technology and customer segment.  Hopefully, an … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort announces “Can’t think of anyone who is looking”: $500 Gift Card

The market continues to improve.

Xtra Effort clients inform us of new client hiring requirements.  We ask you for referrals. The #1 most common response: “I can’t think of anyone who is looking”.  As the economy improves will hear this more often.

Truth: we prefer to not limit our search to people who are looking.

Xtra Effort’s objective: to demonstrate sufficient professionalism to … Continue Reading

Excellent insight into 2010 enterprise IT negotiation techniques

This article discusses lots of current day considerations that ENTERPRISES have when procuring technology, including open source, “all you can eat” licenses,  maintenance negotiations, virtualization, SaaS, etc.

You may find the buyer’s perspective to be of interest.

Computerworld article about enterprise perspective on technology … Continue Reading