Candidates who talk TOO much. LESS IS MORE.

As of late Xtra Effort has been speaking with candidates who are articulate, have great business acumen, and integrity.   Yet, regardless of the economy (good or bad), they will have a difficult time getting or keeping good career opportunities.

Why? It is amazing how much they speak without any sensitivity for the listener’s questions, timeframes, or interest. … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort’s new recruiting web site & XERD utility for candidates and clients

Xtra Effort updated its web site – –  to make it easier for candidates and clients to navigate.  Candidates can easily identify open positions with a variety of search/sort capabilities, and apply to any position online.

The XERD helps our clients better inform candidates what makes their company and the specific career opportunity attractive. It also provides an explanation … Continue Reading

Computerworld’s “Best Places to Work” represents terrific enterprise sales leads

Computerworld’s “Best Places to Work” represents terrific enterprise sales leads across 100 corporations.

The profiles include quotes from key personnel, exciting projects, hot technology initiatives, work culture, and other data points to enable you to reference more meaningful topics when communicating with these enterprise prospects.

This resource should also enable you to send congratulation notes and build better … Continue Reading

Suggestions to help hiring mgr’s be more timely AND mitigate risk


Xtra Effort has noticed some employers are being adversely impacted by being too slow to evaluate candidates.  Their finalists join other employers.

Xtra Effort suggests employers define an objective for the timeline and processes necessary to evaluate, check references, and make an offer.

Employers have faced the challenge of increased customer demand (good news) with much leaner staffs … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort expansion; hiring new recruiter

Increased client hiring demand requires Xtra Effort to expand and hire a fifth team member.

We are looking for a professional:

1a) Whose last 2 – 4 years have been as a contingency based recruiter  in the IT segment, OR …

1b) have been a commission centric inside sales experience within the IT segment.

2) Candidates should have  2- 8 years experience … Continue Reading

Ah, to be 26 again – or 52!

Many clients are requesting candidates with 3-8 years of experience because some employers consider them to be more affordable, coachable, energetic, driven, willing to travel, and equipped to implement new ideas related to web technologies.

If you are in your mid 20’s and have developed skills and produced results in Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services … Continue Reading

San Francisco, wine country, cycling, and the economy

My bicycle trip to San Francisco, and through Sonoma and Napa Valleys helped validate the economy is improving and Americans are optimistic.

 Small town stores, the Backroads touring company, fellow tour guests, vineyards, estates, wineries, and  restaurants all agreed that their businesses have experienced a positive upturn.  

Fellow cycling guests were from all parts of the country, … Continue Reading

Should Xtra Effort revisit the recruiting needs for software developers?

Xtra Effort’s current service offering is recruiting Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services people. However, back in February 2001, Xtra Effort was created to help IT departments and software companies hire software developers. 

The rational for change was the 2002 recession’s adverse impact on software developer hiring activity, and the increase in offshore development limited our target market … Continue Reading

CIO 2010 investment priorities and their impact on careers

CIO Magazine April issue polled CIO’s for their 2010 investment priorities.

 Guess what is the leading initiative?  You guessed it, Cloud Computing, followed by mobile applications and infrastructure, server virtualization, and content/document management.

 Close runner ups are security, CRM, video conferencing, business intelligence, BPM, data management, and SOA.

 I was surprised not to see data storage, but suspect … Continue Reading