Should Xtra Effort revisit the recruiting needs for software developers?

Xtra Effort’s current service offering is recruiting Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services people. However, back in February 2001, Xtra Effort was created to help IT departments and software companies hire software developers. 

The rational for change was the 2002 recession’s adverse impact on software developer hiring activity, and the increase in offshore development limited our target market … Continue Reading

CIO 2010 investment priorities and their impact on careers

CIO Magazine April issue polled CIO’s for their 2010 investment priorities.

 Guess what is the leading initiative?  You guessed it, Cloud Computing, followed by mobile applications and infrastructure, server virtualization, and content/document management.

 Close runner ups are security, CRM, video conferencing, business intelligence, BPM, data management, and SOA.

 I was surprised not to see data storage, but suspect … Continue Reading

Inside sales roles are pervasive: Some thoughts as to when and why

Xtra Effort has been engaged by three different companies over the past three weeks to help them hire Inside sales people.

What is unique from the past:

Each company’s entire sales model is based on inside sales with no field sales emphasis.

Although outbound prospecting will be required, considerable resources will be dedicated to generated demand via Sales … Continue Reading

Our voice is critical

How many instances in the past month has somebody misinterpreted your email?

How many instances in the past month have you misinterpreted somebody’s email?

Was the result permanent or temporary mistrust, lost productivity, or worry-anger-resentment?

Xtra Effort has seen:

A candidate email’s intent to demonstrate enthusiasm for a position become misinterpreted as overly aggressive A client email’s intent to demonstrate continued interest (in a candidate) … Continue Reading

Relevant & Favorable Passed Legislation: Tax breaks for employers who hire the unemployed

Let’s hope the below legislation proves to further increase employer hiring activity. 

The incentive is significant.


Congress Passes HIRE Act Carrying Hiring Incentives, Stimulus Measures, and New Foreign Account Tax Compliance Rules

Today, the Senate by a vote of 68-29 approved H.R. 2847, carrying the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act, as passed by the House. Thus, the … Continue Reading

Shuckin’ and jivin’ when obstacles arise

I have been reading my 2010 goals daily since January.

They include reaching specific number of placements, revenue goals, recruiter productivity, social media effectiveness, company growth activity, family vacations, home improvement projects, community involvement, etc … oh … and the bicycling goals: mountain bike racing, distant road cycling, fundraiser rides, and being competitive with the local guys.

Well, things don’t always … Continue Reading

Our Pressure valve

Despite the improving economic conditions, tensions can still be high among employers and candidates because of considerable pressure to reach objectives. .

Hiring managers are busy trying to reach their quarterly objectives while also being super cautious in making sure they see as many qualified candidates as possible for their hiring needs, and also applying exhaustive techniques … Continue Reading

Additional positive signals of economic turnaround

Xtrta Effort is experiencing increasing hiring demand among its clients, including expansion positions. The predominance of companies hiring are in the following  sectors:

Data security/compliance eDiscovery Human Capital Risk Management, insurance analytics Marketing and web content solutions

Geographies include CA, Northeast, Texas, and Chicago; and to a lesser extent, the Southeast. 

Click here for more detail from Xtra Effort’s Job Hiring Requirement section.

Cisco is hiring … Continue Reading

Brian Geery’s suggestions for 2010 Sales Planning

Brian Geery of Quota Inc. shared with me his suggestions for 2010 sales planning.

They are excellent.

See below.


_____________________________________SALES PLAN ELEMENTS

Top Tier Prospect DefinitionWhat are the defining characteristics of prospects that are mostly likely to buy?What are the decision maker’s profiles (buyer personas)?How are non-prospects defined (those we should not pursue)?

Buy Cycle and Sales CycleWhat are … Continue Reading