Link to Xtra Effort’s client hiring needs as of July 2015. It’s in a spreadsheet format.

Below is a link to Xtra Effort’s client hiring needs as of July 2015.   It’s in a spreadsheet format.

As a reminder,  Xtra Effort clients are high growth, enterprise scale technology companies (products and services) that hire Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services personnel throughout the USA’s major hubs.

The spreadsheet contains URLs to each client’s hiring requirement; including … Continue Reading

Salary, motivation, location, and role information on six most recently hired Xtra Effort candidates

The below information illustrates the salaries, motivations, locations, and role information on the six most recently hired Xtra Effort candidates. It’s a small representative sample, but provides a quick snapshot into the classic motivations for change, i.e., $, company stability, etc.

Details on Six Most Recently Hired Xtra Effort Candidates:


Location: NY

Role: Field Sales

Technology: Application Security

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How to find a top notch inside sales person? …. ask Kelli MacDonald … another issued $500 Gift certificate

Xtra Effort’s client required that highly sought after profile for inside sales people: -On the way up in their career -A recent track record of continuous promotions -Always meeting/surpassing performance metrics -Competitive, energetic, articulate, and intelligent -Well rounded

Well, they aren’t falling out of the trees, especially with Eagle Scout status and Phi’s and Omegas all over their undergraduate experience.

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Charlie Taverna and Stan Pannell each receive $500 gift certificates for referring high quality candidates to Xtra Effort

Xtra Effort wants to thank Charlie Taverna and Stan Pannell for referring quality candidates to Xtra Effort.

One Xtra Effort client needed to hire a sales executive with extensive enterprise content and business process management experience.  Charlie Taverna recommended the perfect candidate with eight years of experience identifying and closing new Fortune 1000 accounts while selling ECM … Continue Reading

Boston based Java Developers who want a Sales Engineering or Professional Services career required

Xtra Effort is working with several enterprise technology companies in Boston that provide web content management and mobile software development technologies.

These Xtra Effort clients are in need of Java developers with the capability and interest to assist sales in scoping an enterprise needs, identifying and presenting solutions based on the enterprise technology, and then hand … Continue Reading

Xtra Effort’s high growth enterprise technology clients have several exciting Inside Sales career opportunities in the Boston area

Xtra Effort’s high growth enterprise technology clients have several exciting Inside Sales career opportunities in the Boston area.


– in Boston

– north of Boston

– west of Boston

Compensation is $55k to $80k salary, and up to $160k on target compensation.


Inside Sales, Boston: Big Data and enterprise security software:


Inside Sales, Waltham: Enterprise security software:


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John Moschella refers top quality inside sales executive to Xtra Effort, receives $500 Gift Certificate

Xtra Effort’s client is a recognized leader within the niche of selling high value research content to financial service companies. They are also succeeding in expanding into other industries, i.e., healthcare. This expansion required a sales person experienced in developing new accounts in a new industry, selling syndicated research content.

John Moschella introduced Xtra Effort to … Continue Reading

Coleman Noonan receives Xtra Effort $500.00 Referral Gift Certificate

Xtra Effort’s client is a venture backed software company whose technology improves the productivity of an enterprise’s DevOps.They needed an inside sales leader with a background in quota achievement and a track record of developing net new accounts via prospecting.Coleman Noonan referred the perfect candidate, resulting in a very satisfied candidate and client.

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Inside Sales roles, Boston and North of Boston. Enterprise Mobile Technologies

Below are two unique enterprise software inside sales career opportunities related to the enterprise mobile segment.


Downtown Boston:

Hiring need: Inside sales position with a profitable, high growth enterprise collaboration SaaS company.

Solution offering: enterprise mobile and cloud based collaboration software that provides a consumer like experience for business mobile and social media collaboration

Responsibilities: qualify all deals, close … Continue Reading