Executive Recruiting and Placement

When it comes to executive recruiting and placement, there’s no substitute for the trusted knowledge our executive recruiting firm gained from hands-on experience in serving our clients.

Xtra Effort strives to match the right candidate with the right career opportunity from within our portfolio of technology-centric companies. We look beyond the “transactional” elements of the employer-recruiter-candidate relationship and focus on building long-term partnerships with clients that will deliver positive results for years to come.

Our Recruiting and Placement Philosophy Revolves Around our two Distinct Audiences

We emphasize the right mix of culture, goals, work style and career challenges when matching candidates to client hiring requirements. The goal is for everyone to win. Satisfying employers and candidates requires a delicate balance between:

  • Finding a candidate quickly vs. patiently searching for a candidate that offers strategic value
  • Seeking someone with teamwork skills – yet maintains their individuality
  • Expecting the predictable while being pleasantly surprised at the unexpected

In the end, it’s about our executive recruiting firm finding the right people at the right time for Xtra Effort’s valued client companies. We take a difficult process and make it easier for our clients by finding and evaluating candidates who meet their needs for the short – and long-term.

The Next Step

Our recruiters provide consultation services to our employer and candidate clients on a regular basis. We enlist high levels of ethics, honesty and discretion, and suspect it shows in the long-standing client relationships we’ve built over the years.

Xtra Effort’s company culture, experience, detail orientation, and discretion have been responsible for our success. Contact us today to begin the process of working with one of the most trusted names in executive Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services recruiting and placement.

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