Xtra Effort 2019 Two Question Candidate Survey

You may recall Xtra Effort periodically sharing data with you about our clients’ hiring activity, including trends in: available careers, compensation, locations, hot technologies and their respective price points, etc. Click here for a previous example.

The majority of our clients are high growth technology product or service companies in need of Sales, Sales Engineering, Professional Services, or Customer Success professionals; across the USA’s major hubs.

The intent of this communication is to enable you to inform Xtra Effort of your MOTIVATION FOR CHANGE and HOW YOU PREFER TO BE ENGAGED BY A RECRUITER.

The Xtra Effort communities’ collective feedback will be instructive to our clients, and help us communicate with you in a more relevant manner going forward.


What is most likely to make you consider changing employers in 2019?

a) Career advancement

b) Compensation increase

c) Technology exposure/preference

d) Commute

e) Territory

f) Travel

g) Company culture

h) Company management/leadership style

i) Achievable assigned objectives

j) Other


How do you most preferred to be contacted by a recruiter?

a) Linkedin

b) Text

c)  Email

d) Phone call

e) Other

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