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Scott Van Slyck receives $500 Xtra Effort Gift Card for referring key sales executive

Xtra Effort’s client is a leader in Business Process Outsourcing within the niche of Property and Casualty Insurance administrative cycles, from policy and claims to analytics.

They needed a sales/solution specialist who could immediately understand client needs and add value.

This type of niche find would be difficult without assistance from somebody within the industry.

Scott Van Slyck introduced the perfect candidate … Continue Reading

Anyone capable of creating charts of this March’s Xtra Effort Enterprise Technology Client Sales, Sales Engineering, and PS Hiring Requirements?

Xtra Effort March Enterprise Technology Client Sales_Sales Engineering_and PS Hiring Requirements provides safe access to an Excel spreadsheet that summarizes Xtra Effort’s current enterprise technology client Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services Recruiting requirements – nationally.

It includes 47 job requirements across 29 unique clients.

The Columns: -Category of need, i.e., Sales versus Sales Engineering versus … Continue Reading