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Xtra Effort’s Q1 2016 Client Hiring Summary, Enterprise Technology Software & Services: Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services

Below is a summary of Xtra Effort Q1 2016 client hiring demand, including Xtra Effort’s observations.  We hope it helps you with your planning.

As a reminder, Xtra Effort’s focus is helping high growth, enterprise scale technology and technology service companies hire Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services/Customer Care personnel across the larger USA cities

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Helmuth Naumer receives $500 Gift Certificate for referring ‘A’ player

Thank you Helmuth for referring an ‘A’ player to Xtra Effort.

What makes your acquaintance an ‘A’ player:

Excellent career stability Proven track record of exceeding quota Impressive ratio of base salary to W2’s Team oriented Articulate High energy Lots of integrity

Xtra Effort’s client is very pleased.

Thank you again.

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