Excellent insight into 2010 enterprise IT negotiation techniques

This article discusses lots of current day considerations that ENTERPRISES have when procuring technology, including open source, “all you can eat” licenses,  maintenance negotiations, virtualization, SaaS, etc. You may find the buyer’s perspective to be of interest. Computerworld article about enterprise...
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Increased frequency in enterprise technology co. hiring

Xtra Effort has noticed a continued increase in hiring. What technologies are hot:  Data management, data archiving, and data storage solutions, both consulting and product companies    Security/Authentication technology   Business Intelligence  Solutions for hospitals    What roles are hot:  Field Sales, particularly for...
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XE placement data: Location, Title, Salary, Tenure, Education

information may add value to your own recruiting, hiring, and retention procedures.
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Candidates who talk TOO much. LESS IS MORE.

It is hard to believe these people who talk too much are grown, college educated, and professionally trained adults.
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Xtra Effort’s new recruiting web site & XERD utility for candidates and clients

Candidates can easily identify open positions with a variety of search/sort capabilities, and apply to any position online. .... helps our client's better inform candidates what makes their company and the specific role attractive, an explanation of the client's technology,...
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Suggestions to help hiring mgr’s be more timely AND mitigate risk

Executive teams should agree upon the processes and timeframes to make the best possible hiring decision, and hold themselves accountable to both diligence and timeliness.
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