Excellent article on hiring successful sales candidates

An Xtra Effort client recently shared this article from OpenView Venture Partners. I found it to be insightful and informative

My takeaways:

Remember that sales people value compensation “because they see compensation as a result, not an end.” … it $ serves as a measuring stick for their contribution … so make sure they see a company that values their contribution … Continue Reading

Fun time at The Regatta for Entrepreneurship

Xtra Effort appreciates Steve Snyder and Gesmer Updegrove’s invite to their third annual Regatta For Entrepreneurship event. A sail race among the event’s sponsors around the Boston Harbor.

Funds raised benefit the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (“NFTE”).   NFTE  activates the entrepreneurial mindset and builds startup skills in youth from under-resourced communities to ensure their success and to … Continue Reading

Enterprise software and services hiring data including compensation, location, and hot technologies

Xtra Effort periodically sends you compensation data that is sourced from our current clients’ hiring demand.

(Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. is a Sales and Sales Engineering recruiting firm for high growth enterprise technology product and service/consulting companies)

The data includes our clients’:

Solution Offerings Title/roles Compensation Locations Client’s Criteria for Candidate to be considered

You may find it to be helpful to stay current with popular enterprise technology initiatives, … Continue Reading

Hey candidates, want to know how to create an effective thank you note?

Your thank you note should lead with you thanking the hiring manager for his time, and should express WHY you are enthusiastic about the company and role.

Thereafter it should include a summary of the hiring manager’s criteria for the role and how your experience and skills align.

Lastly, it should express your enthusiasm and appreciation for … Continue Reading

Northeast enterprise cloud/SaaS tech Sales careers

Where sales talent is needed

Boston, New York, Philadelphia

Cloud/SaaS Technologies

Cloud/SaaS Technologies Cloud delivered data analytics Authentication/Identify Management Software Mobile/Web ecommerce site performance acceleration Improve field service productivity and endpoint B2B and B2C customer satisfaction Internet based broadcast media management and distribution technology


Several new career Sales and Sales Engineering opportunities in the Northeast. Enterprise Sales Engineer, NYC, cloud delivered data analytics, data … Continue Reading