technology company field operations 2010 review

Is Xtra Effort perpetuating age discrimination?

Below you will see a reader’s response to Xtra Effort’s recent email about 2010 hiring trends among enterprise technology companies.

What are your thoughts?



Randy, thank you for the note. This is a consistently observed theme among new venture backed or earlier stage technology companies, with many exceptions.   Over 60% of Xtra Effort’s 20,000+ candidate pool has … Continue Reading

High Tech Sales, SE, and PS jobs market is firing on all cylinders

Xtra Effort has been experiencing a BIG uptick in hiring demand among its small and medium sized enterprise information technology clients. Roles include Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services.

While we are obviously excited about this trend, clients are still demanding an exact set of skills and attributes for their particular technology and customer segment.  Hopefully, an … Continue Reading

Excellent insight into 2010 enterprise IT negotiation techniques

This article discusses lots of current day considerations that ENTERPRISES have when procuring technology, including open source, “all you can eat” licenses,  maintenance negotiations, virtualization, SaaS, etc.

You may find the buyer’s perspective to be of interest.

Computerworld article about enterprise perspective on technology … Continue Reading

Increased frequency in enterprise technology co. hiring

Xtra Effort has noticed a continued increase in hiring. What technologies are hot:

 Data management, data archiving, and data storage solutions, both consulting and product companies    Security/Authentication technology   Business Intelligence  Solutions for hospitals 


What roles are hot:  Field Sales, particularly for candidates with Recent, deep, and credible subject matter expertise within their niche, i.e., data storage; and within their industry focus, i.e., financial … Continue Reading

XE placement data: Location, Title, Salary, Tenure, Education

Xtra Effort is releasing data about its last 36 Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Service placements.   The information may add value to your own recruiting, hiring, and retention procedures.   The format is a spreadsheet, making it easier to sort.        Included:       Title  Location  Salary  College/University (under gradudate)  Date candidate graduated … Continue Reading

Should Xtra Effort revisit the recruiting needs for software developers?

Xtra Effort’s current service offering is recruiting Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services people. However, back in February 2001, Xtra Effort was created to help IT departments and software companies hire software developers. 

The rational for change was the 2002 recession’s adverse impact on software developer hiring activity, and the increase in offshore development limited our target market … Continue Reading

Additional positive signals of economic turnaround

Xtrta Effort is experiencing increasing hiring demand among its clients, including expansion positions. The predominance of companies hiring are in the following  sectors:

Data security/compliance eDiscovery Human Capital Risk Management, insurance analytics Marketing and web content solutions

Geographies include CA, Northeast, Texas, and Chicago; and to a lesser extent, the Southeast. 

Click here for more detail from Xtra Effort’s Job Hiring Requirement section.

Cisco is hiring … Continue Reading

2010 Sales & PS planning for small Tech. Co.s

Would your planning be more productive if you had access to several other small technology centric companies’s 2010 expectations?

Specifically, how SaaS, Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, outsourcing, and other new factors influence:

1) Required Sales to Sales Engineering ratios?

2) Inside sales to field sales?

3) The necessity of Proof-of-Concepts? Are they paid or not paid?

4) How much face … Continue Reading