Cloud Computing & SaaS Computing Careers

Are you a “Cloud Computing” enterprise Sales or PS executive?

Cloud Computing can be interpreted several different ways depending on your background, especially as it relates to Cloud Computing Careers. One person’s perspective of a SaaS Sales, PreSales/Sales Engineering, or Technical Consulting/PS career may be much different than the next. A hiring manager or candidate’s vernacular is often shaped by the terms most often used by their employer’s CTO, or the vocabulary within their favorite blog publication.

Candidates, employers, and recruiters must think through, communicate, and document the most important knowledge and experiences required for success. The result won’t be a reader looking for “Cloud Computing” within a resume or Job description. Instead, there should be a more detailed description of related technologies that build a more granular illustration, enabling easier recognition of alignment.

Old terminology, meet your new friends.

Within the Cloud Computing world, there are CURRENTLY (change is inevitable) a few categories. An understanding of these categories and how they may align with older terminology will help bridge the gap in understanding:

  • IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, provides IT resources via the web, as alternative to buying and installing computing or data storage servers within your own data center. A professional Sales Engineer, Sales Account Executive, or Technical Consultant with “MSP” (Managed Service Provider), Content Delivery Services, or virtualization technology experience may very well have the chops necessary to be successful within the IaaS world.
  • PaaS, or Platform as a Service, provides a web based platform (not “on premise” or installed on the enterprise’s premises) for ISV’s and enterprises to more rapidly build, deploy, and support applications or services at a lesser expense. The PaaS is an alternative to investing time and money on an in-house development/support platform. A PaaS strategy enables quicker adaptation to user demands, without capital investment. A sales person or presales solution architect from the software development, service oriented architecture, configuration management, performance management, service desk management, or application management vendor may be a candidate for a PaaS career.