Xtra Effort Employers

Xtra Effort’s mission is to help high growth B2B technology companies reduce the cost, frustration, and time required to hire suitable Sales, Sales Engineering, Professional Service candidates – nationally

Competitive advantages:

  • Experience and Initiative: an in-depth and provocative Q&A process with clients’ allows us to identify required candidate attributes, and to also document and share our clients’ compelling attributes as employers and solution providers. This Xtra Effort process enables hiring managers to better articulate their hiring criteria, attract and qualify the best candidates, and be more effective in collaborating with their coworkers.
  •   Documenting what is NOT specified on a candidate’s resume. We proactively help the employer see unique value in a candidate AND the red flags. The result is a big time savings and a springboard for more relevant interview questions by hiring managers.


To review sample Xtra Effort client or candidate documentation, please contact us at 978-589-9700 or information@xtraeffort.com