Sales Turnover Disaster Recovery Plan

Xtra Effort helps its clients build a bench of suitable sales and sales engineering talent to shorten downtime from unanticipated (but inevitable?) turnover, without any upfront fees or commitment to hire from Xtra Effort.

This Sales Turnover Disaster Recovery Plan is accomplished by Xtra Effort learning about our client’s required profile and using its Candidate Interview and Tagging System to have targeted candidates available when you sense a potential need.

The result is less downtime and a quicker means to resume sales production.

Sample candidate tags:

Technology sold?

i.e., Data storage vs. data backup, on-premise versus cloud, etc.

Frequency of deals?

i.e., Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

Salary to W2 ratio?

i.e., $130k base with a $260k W2 (desirable?); $130k base with $170k W2, (not so desirable)

Price point?

i.e., $50k, $500k, or $2m

Direct prospecting vs. channel vs. inbound leads?

Primary Audience(s) sold?

i.e., CIO, VP of Operations, VP of Data Center? Director of IT Operations, Director of Risk Management and Compliance, Multiple stakeholders required

Historical Motivation for changing jobs?

i.e., uncomfortable with prospecting and requires leads? Uncomfortable with an evangelical sale (versus selling a known brand and solution offering)

Quota achievement?

i.e., track record

The candidates and their respective tags are meticulously entered into a candidate database that grows and evolves daily. It provides for a speedy retrieval of suitable candidates to be further vetted when you have a need.