Social Media Careers

Emerging Growth for the Socially Savvy

Social media is not going away anytime soon. Its rapid growth is driving new career paths and opportunities. For new graduates and even seasoned professionals, the world of social media is opening up new opportunities for growth and income.

At XtraEffort, we usually get asked questions like: “How do you find these kinds of social media jobs?” The answer starts with making sure you’re already participating in social media, and you know how to reach out and use SM as a job-hunting tool in itself. Although a degree in Twitter or Facebook are not required for these kinds of jobs, it is critical to have an understanding as to how social media can impact an enterprise’s operation.

Some words of advice when it comes to hunting for jobs in social media:

  • Determine what industries interest you and then make yourself present and interacting with the major players.
  • Don’t let your inexperience (or experience) deter you – much of social media revolves around building relationships – something you probably know enough about since you’re already using social, right?
  • Use social media as your icebreaker when it comes to reaching companies about potential jobs – tweeting can be considered less intrusive than a phone call or email.
  • Think through how social media can add value to the traditional processes associated with your field of expertise, i.e., call center operations, software development, CRM, supply chain, etc. That way you are not treating social media as a new foreign land to conquer, but instead an extension of a field where you have authority
  • Don’t count on a traditional degree to get you much traction when it comes to getting a job in social media – it’s your social experience that will make the difference.

There is no “Wrong” Time to Jump Into a Career in Social Media

Companies of every size and shape are using social media to connect with customers, journalists and even internal employees. Having a firm grasp on social media will obviously prepare you for a Sales or Professioinal Services career with a Social Media technology company.